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Carrying Your Straw Bag in the Autumn.

Why You Should Carry Your Summer Straw Bag in the Autumn?

Jane Birkin knows best. In 1974, the style symbol realised that a uniform as straightforward as a white tee and frayed pants was an ageless one. What’s more, she additionally realised that sporting anything made out of straw as her handbag would not just fill in as an indication of the French Riviera, but on the other hand was an enchanting, easily chic option to any outfit. So who can blame todays star bloggers for latching onto Birkin’s ways of conveying one of our most favored accessories?

There they were, amongst bloggers, fashionistas, and international buyers during Fashion Week straw bags in all shapes and sizes. The styles currently evolving are more structured, have a ladylike aesthetic and are alot more durable in terms of the materials which are they are made out of (bamboo and atta).  The updated colours of these natural materials also lend themselves to a typically more autumnal colour palette. Strikingly, they vary from the holdalls you drag along the beach during the summer months. So what are we saying: Well the takeaway here is that Yes, you can carry your straw bag outside of our recent heatwave, adopt this trend sooner rather than later however (because imminent Winter months will mean its time to hang up the straw and bring out the sledge!). Scroll through to see how some of our favorite bloggers have Styled our most loved handbags.


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