Estée-Rose London
A passion for beautiful fashion, handmade bags and sustainable homewares form the core of Estée-Rose London.
Its British born designer Jane King who cut her
fashion teeth at university studying Womenswear Design. Jane spent the next decade infusing her magic into collections for a plethora of well known high street brands, sketching and designing. Specialising in luxe womenswear, lounge and sleepwear.
Keen to move away from the limitations of high street brands and inspired by the handmade accessories, came Estée-Rose London.
An aesthetic which embodies a bohemian, ethereal feel. A heartfelt dedication to create beautiful things whilst supporting artisans around the world through the craftmanship of the handmade bags. Our seasonal collections support the incredible art of weaving in the wonderful communities where they are made whilst our fashion, home and accessories collections are curated with heaps of love.